Support Service Terms

Knowru Limited is committed to providing an excellent customer experience. In order to provide superb services, we try to maintain reasonable workforce to answer and address your questions in a timely manner. To systematically allocate our resources to handle questions of different urgency and impacts, we offers 2 levels of Support Services to our clients: Enterprise and Free. Enterprise and Free service levels are different as below:

Enterprise Support Services

This level is provided to clients who use our platform on-premise or in dedicated cloud accounts (Dedicated Environments). For clients using our platform in Dedicated Environments (Enterprise Clients), we will develop a customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) to listen and address key requirements that may be specific to Enterprise Clients. The SLA will govern our services for Enterprise Clients. Generally, the SLA includes 99.9% uptime of our platform, refund if the uptime condition is not met, regular monitoring of the platform and response to questions via email within a business day. An Enterprise Client can create a support case by sending an email to or an email address of the support team members dedicated for it.

Free Support Services

Free Support Services are available for anyone who registered to use our platform (Registered User) in one of our environments shared to general public (Shared Environments, e.g. A Registered User can create a support case by emailing Our suppoprt team will get back to the Registered User by the end of the next business day. A support case can report issues with our platform or ask help in creating APIs with our platform. However, general coding questions that are not related to Knowru will be deprioritized or ignored. Though a platform in a Shared Environment will be generally up and running always, this level of Support Services does not come with a guaranteed uptime nor a refund policy.

Customer Support Program and Service Level Agreement

If you are a Registered User in one of our Shared Environments and you want more robust Support Services with a gauranteed uptime and a refund policy, please contact to find about our Custom Support Program and Service Level Agreement options.