Knowru Limited is committed to providing its Platform-as-a-Service affordably. In order to address different needs of 2 major types of clients (Enterprise Clients who use our platform on-premise or in dedicated cloud accounts (Dedicated Environments) vs. Registered Users who use our platform in one of our Shared Environments to general public), we offer 2 schemes of Pricing: Standard and Enterprise. Standard and Enterprise are different as below:

Standard Pricing Scheme

Beginning 10,000 requests every month is free (Free Tier) in our Standard Pricing Scheme. Registered Users in our Shared Environments are automatically eligible for this Pricing Scheme. A month is defined as the period between the first and last day of a calendar month, rather than every 30-day period after a registration. A request after 10,000 requests is 0.1 cent (US Dollar).

Enterprise Pricing Scheme

This Scheme is applicable to Enterprise Clients using our platform in Dedicated Environments. Because Enterprise Clients' needs, IT architecture, level of Support Services, and deployment methods are different, we work with Enterprise Clients to find the most optimal deployment and pricing option that fits to their budgets.