[2018-11-27] Knowru Release Note

1. Code coverage feature

Last time, we released a feature to see statistics related to test results (like each field’s statistics (e.g. min, median, max) and number of passes and fails). This time we are excited to release a code coverage feature where you can see what lines of code are tested during your testing on Knowru.

In a test scenario result detail page, click the “View This File” button for the file in which you want to see what lines are tested.

alt text

alt text

2. Standard out and error message when timeout

Before when a timeout happens, standard out and error messages were null regardless of whether these messages generated. This made debugging for timeout issues difficult because users could not see related logs. Here, we updated our platform so that even when a timeout happens users still could see those messages before the moment of timeout. Please note that this feature is only available in Python 3 as of now.

alt text

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