[2018-10-30] Knowru Release Note

1. Bookmark feature for runnables

You can bookmark your favorite runnables in order to more easily access them later

alt text

alt text

2. Supporting new language versions

  • We now support R 3.5 and R 3.5 with LightGBM installed. You can enjoy more stable and advanced version of R. Also, we automated installing and configuring LightGBM, a powerful GBM package developed by Microsoft, for you so that you can use the powerful machine learning technology out-of-box.

alt text

3. Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the link in the email that gets sent when an adjust weight request is created
  • Fixed the issue that the Share Form does not show all users
  • Fixed the issue that the Batch feature does not complete when output files includes non-Unicode characters.

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