[2018-10-18] Knowru Release Note

1. Download recent result feature

You can easily download recent n number of runs in the run list page.

alt text

2. Support Dockerfile

When creating a runnable, often you need to install system-wide packages. From now on, you can provide your own Dockerfile to install system-wide packages before Python or R packages. For example, installing psycopg, the Python package to interact with a PostgreSQL DB, requires syetem-wide packages python-dev and libpq-dev. To install these, you can provide the following Dockerfile:

RUN apt-get install python-dev
RUN apt-get install libpq-dev

alt text

3. Can select runnable version in the runnable run list page

In the runnable run list page, you can filter runs by a runnable version.

alt text

4. Can select runnable version when running a runnable

In the runnable run form, now you can select a runnable version to decide which runnable version to run.

alt text

5. Removed code snippets in the main page (to speed up page loading speed)

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