Create RESTful APIs in a minute

3 steps to deploy your Machine Learning models


Write a knowledge file

Write your API's actions inside a function named" run in a file named knowledge (e.g. Python:, R: knowledge.R).


Upload the knowledge file

Upload the knowledge file with other necessary files to execute the runfunction using our convenient GUI.


Call your API

Call your API from any modern programming language. The endpoint and method of your API will be /api/runnable/runnable-name/run/ and POST respectively. Or you can use our pre-built client / SDK to integrate with your machine learning models. You will be required to provide your unique token (created during account creation) in the Authorization headers to be authenticated.

Why Knowru?

Our innovative features will make managing APIs much easier


See real-time distributions of input and output values of your APIs on the fly


Receive alarms for not only errors but also drastic changes in input and output values


Upload test cases and use them whenever preparing new versions of an API


Control who can access your APIs - only those with right authentication and permission will be able to use yours


If it is not auto-scalable, it is not scalable. We use various technologies to automatically adjust hardware resources for your applications


Only clicks away from configuring asynchronous behaviors, timeout and so many more for your APIs

Proven Scalability & Convenience

Data scientists and developers around the world use Knowru to collaborate.





Our Special Services for Business Customers

We understand your needs and concerns

Escrow Services

Our escrow services provides a contingency license to access our code in a triggering event.

Custom SLA

We can customize our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet your business needs.

Separate AWS Account

We can deploy our platform in a separate AWS account that only your IT environment can use and access.

Staging Environment

We can create a separate staging environment so that your applications are fully tested before moving to a production environment.


We can offer a POC (Proof Of Concept) to earn your trust first.

Training & Consulting

We can provide training and consulting services to make your IT team and infrastructure more agile and service-oriented.

Braviant Holdings

Braviant Holdings

Using Knowru, our data scientists are able to deploy machine learning models in R without any translation in minutes.

Travis Gonzalez, Chief Analytics Officer

Focus on creating - leave others to us

Creating and managing microservices cannot be easier